Connexon specializes in NIH grant reviews.
NIH Grant writing help, portfolio alignment, and proposal assessment.

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Funding your Research presents challenges…

…explore them as opportunities



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In today’s fast-paced biomedical research environment…

… your good ideas may outpace your funding.

You need a sound, innovative, data-driven approach to get a research grant from federal funders.  But you also need a thoughtful, coherent long-range plan to continuously support your vision and your team.  Backed by 20 years as a federal Program Director, Connexon’s principal can hone your tactical skills in grant writing, as well as your strategic sense for targeting and timing your submissions.


Grant application instructions now far exceed submission page limits…

… so you need an experienced guide.

Applications for research grants are increasingly complex, and the space allowed to explain your approach is ever more limited.  Sorting through the dizzying array of requirements and restrictions often requires a knowledgeable sherpa to lead the way.  Connexon is led by a former NIH Program Director who knows her way around the system, and can help you sort out what reviewers expect to see.

The “elevator speech” makes or breaks your first impression…    

    … make yours count.


Your technical abstract (e.g. Specific Aims) is a high-level sales pitch. Answering key questions accurately, at the right level of detail, and within the time/space allotted often determines the outcome. Making the presentation engaging seals the deal. Such skills can be learned, especially with the coaching from Connexon, whose principal has evaluated thousands of applications.


As the complexity of bioscience questions increases…

… your ability to assess an investment decreases.

As a funder, how do you single out the exciting, novel proposals from the hyperbole? Where is the sweet spot between solid feasibility and bold innovation?   Connexon’s founder has decades of experience finding the right team, reducing presentations to the essentials, and keeping groups on task.



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