Connexon specializes in NIH grant reviews.
NIH Grant writing help, portfolio alignment, and proposal assessment.



Connexon’s services are tailored to individual client needs, but target federal grant programs supporting biomedical research.  The following examples are illustrative, not exclusive.  

Strategic Planning for Sustained Support

  • Long-range planning and creating a timeline to match a client’s research to the available grant opportunities

  • Helping build research teams appropriate to the research challenge(s)

Advisory Committees and Boards

  • Evaluation of proposals (white papers to full proposals) for quality, innovation, adherence to solicitations

  • Crafting strategies and new funding initiatives

Grant Writing Assistance

  • Reviewing Specific Aims/Abstract for sense, flow, accuracy, alignment to solicitation

  • Critiquing the grant application for feasibility, completeness, integrity, structure

  • Updating an application for compliance to current regulations, formats, policies

  • Aligning and organizing the over arching goals with the actual approach

  • Building up from the essential ideas to a coherent, full story

  • Effectively responding to previous critiques in a resubmitted application